CTWJLI, which is my third book, is now available at

The actual link to my page where you can find my bio information as well as the direct links to each of my books is:

All three of my books would be great Christmas gifts or gifts for any occasion. They are amazing resources for anyone’s library.

Welcome To the Wildnerness is about God’s process of promotion. Leaving The Land Of Your Limitations is about leaving every real or perceived limitation and going to where Jesus has always seen you and is calling you. Christianity the Way Jesus Lived It is about representing [re-presenting] Jesus the Christ to a world desperately looking for truth.

I am encouraging those who want my books to purchase them from BookBaby and not Amazon. The reason is BookBaby pays triple the royalties that Amazon does.

For the paperback version of Welcome to the Wildnerness, you need to email me. It was my first book published and I am the distributor for the paperback version. You can email me at

These books and others that I am currently writing and will eventually publish, along with the Bible as the foundation, are the materials that Donna and I use when we disciple people to the Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our ministry is Revolution Movement and our website, if you are interested, is

Merry Christmas!

Receive and steward God’s passion, power, presence, priority, process, promises, protection, provision, pruning, purging, purity, and purpose!

Dr. Kevin M. Drury, DMin
A radical spiritual revolutionary
Revolution Movement Co-Founder
Author of: Welcome To The Wilderness; Leaving The Land Of Your Limitations; And Christianity The Way Jesus Lived It

You say you want a revolution! Join our movement and turn your world upside down so God can turn the world He loves and owns right side up through you!

Revolution Movement is a personal, and personalized discipleship to the Lordship of Jesus ministry! Jesus is Lord of all or not at all!

For the time being Revolution Movement is a 501c3 ministry. All contributions to Revolution Movement are tax-deductible if you choose to take advantage of that option.

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