The clouds of doom and despair are gathering on the horizon. Can you see them?

Abundance of caution!

There is a phrase being employed now in overabundance. It is this, “Out of the abundance of caution.“

Most of the time what follows that phrase is, “we have decided to cancel all of our _______ until . . .”

Until what? Until the government gives us the “All clear!”?

“Out of an abundance of caution please keep a safe distance from other people.”

Social distancing [separation] is now vogue, and so is teleworking.

Now the pundits are changing what they are calling what they want us to do. It is no longer social distancing [separation], but rather a physical distancing [separation]. After all, we can stay in contact via social media so we don’t lose connection. At least until the government pulls the plug on the internet.

As I said in a previous Social Media post – “And just like that the State made everyone bow their knee to it! See how simple that was?”

Well, it has been said, “Separation makes the heart grow fonder.”

If this hysteria continues will we be televoting too? Will that be safe?

I am not a conspiracy nut. By that, I mean I do not believe everything is a conspiracy, but it also means I do not believe there are no conspiracies.

This Coronavirus pandemic is really revealing just how far a lot of people are willing to go to stay safe, and how Christians want to live out their salvation without risk.

School closings! Beach closings! Restaurant and bar closings! Cafes and coffee bars are closing! Movie theaters closing! And even public spaces [parks] too! That is a shame because fresh air and sunlight are natural disinfectants.

Now we are seeing whole cities basically shutting down. You know, out of the abundance of caution.

Schools are shutting down and some of the children will be cared for by those in the age group most vulnerable to be attacked by the virus. Thank God for those of us who by faith are fighting the stereotypical label imposed on us by the scientific statisticians.

Now the suggestion for a maximum limit of a gathering is fifty people. Fifty people! How will grocery stores stay open? Will this result in long lines of people waiting for their turn to get in? Or, will we use the internet to schedule our appointment to shop?

Social Media postings remind us farmers are still growing food [working]. That is great, but what will grocery shopping devolve into? What will be next – government-run grocery stores?

With the Stock Market plunging and businesses being forced to close – albeit “temporarily” – one might think this is all about crashing the economy and removing more of our rights. At the least, the first, second and fourth are being assailed!

Churches are having worship services without people in their “sanctuaries!” I don’t guess they were all that “sanctuary” after all!

We can adopt a new Churchianity phrase, “We are teleworshiping!” We have moved from seeker-sensitive churches to State sensitive churches! So sad!

But Kevin, “What if someone catches the virus?” What if they don’t?

People playing it safe and saved people are a dichotomy!

The Holy Spirit does not play it safe. He is called the Comforter because to live as a Biblical Christian you will be made very uncomfortable. Jesus even sends His disciples into danger zones. Are you aghast?

The Holy Spirit is the Comforter, not Comfortable!

By the way, salvation = safe, rescued, delivered, healed, healthy, whole, among other amazing things. We are only truly safe in the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

What is so special about this pandemic that has the whole world worried? Ahh, it has the potential – – – – – – to shut the whole world down! Isn’t that what it is doing now?

What is so special about this pandemic that has much of Christiandom cowering in the corner called COVID-19?

“Abundance of caution” just does not sit well with my spirit because to me it is not a phrase the Holy Spirit uses. At least He has never used it when speaking to me. It is a phrase born out of the kingdom of this world.

Now, “Abundance of courage” is another matter altogether! That is a kingdom of God phrase!

How about, “Out of an abundance of courage we are going to storm into this crisis with the power and wisdom of God, advancing His kingdom reality as we move in faith fighting everything that is contrary to His will?”

What has happened to the family of faith?

What has happened to, “Have faith in God!”?

I do not understand the whole let’s claim the Psalms 91 protection thing by those who are sheltering in place and encouraging others to do the same! That is too much like, “Katie bar the door”, or “Batten down the hatches”, to me! Will God not protect us in a crowd.

Where is the church Jesus is building? You know the one don’t you, where the gates of hell do not prevail against it?

I bet the leper who Jesus touched was thankful He did not practice physical distancing!

Where is the lion when we need him? You know, from The Wizard of Oz. “Courage! What makes a king out of a slave? Courage!”

Scripture tells us, “The righteous are as bold as a lion.”

Paul demonstrated courage when he went to minister to a man suffering from a recurring fever and dysentery.


Dysentery is not sanitary!

Dysentery is diarrhea with blood and mucus mixed in for good measure.

Did I say he had a recurring fever?

Would you like to lay hands on a person who was burning up with a fever and had dysentery? Would you dare to do it? It says before Paul laid hands on the man he prayed. If I were a betting man I would bet he asked the Lord how He wanted to heal the man, and the Lord said, “Lay your hands on him!”

Paul healed the man by laying his hands on him. I bet they did not have medical gloves on that island, so we could say with a fair amount of certainty Paul got his hands dirty.

Too many of the faithful are failing when they should be on the front lines fighting!

It makes me wonder if we are still suffering as slaves instead of ruling as kings.

Now that makes me sick because Christians are called to heal the sick!

“Lay hands on the sick and they will recover” only works if we are not practicing physical distancing.


Receive and steward God’s passion, power, presence, priority, process, promises, protection, provision, pruning, purging, purity, and purpose!

Dr. Kevin M. Drury, DMin
A radical spiritual revolutionary
Revolution Movement Co-Founder

You say you want a revolution! Join our movement and turn your world upside down so God can turn His world right side up!

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