So Close & Yet So Far!

Did you know ~

At some point during the journey from Nazareth [the guarded one, the place we place guards thinking we are keeping ourself safe] to Bethlehem [the house of bread, the house where we get fed what we need to grow up] the caravan Joseph, Mary and the unborn Jesus traveled with would have traveled through Jerusalem [the teaching of peace].

It is quite possible they passed by, or very near Golgotha [the place of the skull: comes from a word that means to remove the head].

It is interesting to me how close Mary [rebellion], Joseph [God will add, God will do it again] and the not yet born Jesus [God is salvation] may have come to Jesus’ ultimate place of destiny on their way to the place of His birth, and never knew it.

Have you considered that God chose a Mary to bear the burden for His answer for all of our rebellion?

And Joseph, who name is pronounced yo-safe’ [come on somebody], was the man who protected God’s investment when it was more popular to run away from what looked like rebellion to him.

One of my prayers is that in the new year we will be acutely aware of the places  and people [geographically, literally or metaphorically] we pass by, through or near that are significantly important to our finding and fulfilling our destiny, even though they may, at the time, be entirely insignificant to us.

There are way too many people in [the ‘in’ crowd, or residing in the ‘inn’] places they think are the place to be in, not knowing the people who will help them find and fulfill their destiny are near by in a place that looks below them.

The greatest move of God man has ever witnessed began in a stall!

Have you stalled your progress toward your prophetic destiny by staying in a place that will never prepare you to process God’s process of preparation for your life?

Have you settled in a place where there are a lot of people, just not many people really in tune with what God is doing, or where God is moving?

Mary, Joseph and the unborn Jesus settled in an insignificant place off the path where the people collected. They were not part of the ‘in crowd’. They were just part of the Cloud!

Heaven’s ‘new thing’ was fast approaching and the mass of people who made their way to Bethlehem thought they were there to pay tribute to Rome, all the while not knowing they were invited to witness the wonderful wind of change that the Christ Child would bring.

Heaven was nigh but the crowds cared less!

The people positioned all around this Glorious One were too busy with their worldly responsibilities to be aware of heaven’s imminent invasion. So God’s solution was to move just outside the city to break in on the faithful shepherds keeping watch over their flocks by night.

Are you so busy being ‘responsible’ with your worldly responsibilities you are not being responsible with the opportunity God is giving you as the Master moves masterfully in the least likely of places?

Are you so busy being with worldly people that you are missing the mission of the Mighty One in your midst?

Are you so busy worshiping at the altar of convenience where the crowds collect you are missing the convergence of heaven on earth?

How close are you to what God is doing?

How far are you from what God is doing?

What is more important to you ~

  • being in the crowd or
  • bringing in the Cloud?

Keep HIS Faith! Keep HIS Promises! Keep His Passion!

Dr. Kevin M. Drury, DMin

A Hisstorymaker

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