How Long?

How long does it take for a “seeker” to find the Lord?

[Proverbs 8:17; Jeremiah 28:13]

In the 1st century church the fear of the Lord was so great that the seeker “dared not join the church”. The Lord added to the church through mighty signs and wonders [Acts 5 and a host of other places in Scripture].

Today, great programs and 1 hour services attract people who are not accustomed to, or interested in God’s manifest presence or His supernatural activity, and when He shows up they do not have a grid for what He is doing. Those who are “still seeking” usually go find another place where they can feel comfortable in church.

What a tragedy!

Church is not a place to get comfortable!

Church is a place to be trained, equipped and activated into your membership ministry so that you can go into all the [your] world and demonstrate the reality of God’s kingdom rule on the planet [Mark 16:15-20].

Jesus said that He was sending another Comforter [Helper].

  • The reason is because Christianity is not supposed to be comfortable.
  • Christianity is about living like Christ in purity and power which invites warfare.
  • Christianity is about living from the unseen spiritual [supernatural] world toward the natural world.
  • Christianity is about seeing the invisible and doing the impossible.

You cannot get comfortable and live like that!

  • Christians are required to live on the edge of failure unless God comes through!

In weight lifting to get the maximum benefit you must lift to the point of muscle failure. Muscle failure is the point where you cannot move the weight at all and you need a”spotter” to help you lift the weight. That is Christianity!

Jesus said to the generation of seekers in the 1st century, “How long must I put up with you” [Matthew 17:14-21]? He then said to His first disciples, “Because of your unbelief you could not cast it [the demon] out.” This statement was in reference to their inability to live from heaven to earth.

The purpose of church is to provide positive peer pressure on those who have not yet received the Lord, or those who are still immature in the Lord.

It is called being salt and light!

Salt can burn and light can blind!

What is happening in many places is the world [darkness] has been allowed to influence the church so we have blind leaders leading the blind.

There is a tragic scripture [Jeremiah 50:6], “”My people have been lost sheep. Their shepherds have led them astray; They have turned them away on the mountains. They have gone from mountain to hill; They have forgotten their resting place.”

The sheep can only rest on the mountain of the Lord. When leaders lead their sheep to inferior [lower] places they create cultures of restlessness. There is a false sense of rest on smooth ground. It was in a smooth place that the oxen stumbled and a man died for his error [2 Samuel 6].

It was the error of the leader [David] that created the culture of complacency that caused a sheep to die!

I wrote in one of my earliest blogs about the danger of leaders creating cultures where their people cannot be disappointed [e.g. not allowing the supernatural activity of God in their services]. This culture has already disappointed the person that needs the supernatural activity of God to change their situation.

I guess I just don’t get the seeker environment. They are called “seekers” but the culture shuts them out from most of the activity of the One they are seeking.

Stay thirsty my friends!

Dr. Kevin M. Drury
A Hisstorymaker

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