God @ Work!

The Bible is very clear on the importance of work. God models the proper work ethic. True father’s model a healthy work ethic. They know how to work and they know how to rest. Work and rest are a part of creation. Work is creative in nature because it is the nature of God.

Genesis 2:2 tells us this about God,

“By the seventh day God completed His work which He had done,

and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.”

When Jesus came on the scene He had this to say about Father God and Himself. “But Jesus answered them, “My Father has been working until now, and I have been working” [John 5:17]. God never stops working! God never stops creating!

We find this interesting verse in Proverbs 16:26, “A worker’s appetite works for him, for his hunger urges him on.”

People who are full of themselves never realize the importance of work.

Hunger is one of the vehicles that  bring us into the deepest things of God. Jesus said this of those who hunger and thirst for God, “For they shall be filled [with God]” [Matthew 5:6].

We can never be filled with God or the things of God if we are full of ourselves!

Proverbs 19:15, “Laziness casts into a deep sleep, and an idle man will suffer hunger.” If a person “requires” a lot of sleep they may want to see if they qualify as a lazy person. Now, if they have some legitimate condition that requires them to sleep a lot this may not apply. I used to “require” a lot of sleep. Then I grew up and realized in some areas of my life I was lazy. I was lazy in the areas that did not interest me. My dad used to tell me, “Kevin, spend time working on your weak areas without neglecting your areas of strength. This way you will be a more balanced person.”

Balance is a good thing. That is why the Bible reveals God working and resting. Even Jesus found time “to get away”. Usually His time of getting away was “long before daylight” [Mark 1:35]. We need to realize that we do not need as much sleep as we think we do. If we believe we need a lot of sleep then we will sleep away many opportunities to get away with God. HE NEVER SLEEPS!

For HIS Glory!

Dr. Kevin M. Drury

A Hisstorymaker!

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