Just Do It!

“Just do it” was a slogan used in Nike, Inc.’s commercial’s beginning in 1988. The ad agency who coined the phrase revealed it came from the last known statement of Gary Gilmore before he was executed for murders he committed in Utah. His statement – “Let’s do it!” It seems he was intimating he wanted the execution over with. “Let’s do it” could have meant “get it over with”.

Sometimes the hardest step to take is the very first one. We know this is true for those who commit heinous crimes. Once they get over the shock of their insidiousness things get easier each time they act out. Murderers usually don’t start out killing people. They start with something smaller and less significant.

The same can be said for walking in the miraculous. Christian’s are born again for the miraculous. “You are created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for you to do.” Those good works are the miraculous. We know this because Jesus said, “The things [the miraculous things] I do you shall do and greater things than these shall you do, because I go to the Father.”

This was in reference to the Holy Spirit being poured out after His death, burial, resurrection and ascension into the third heaven. “You shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you.” Jesus did not say, “You shall be nicer after the Holy Spirit comes upon you.”

Nice = benign!

Jesus said, “You shall be more powerful!”

Just do it! Go for it! Can’t never could until it tried! What do you have to lose? Your reputation? Your friends, family, position, or promotion? I promise – your first step or steps will be the hardest but once you get some momentum it will get easier.

Peter went for it when he stepped out of the boat. He succeeded in the midst of his failure. He went from a problem to a pillar. He went from a follower to a leader.

Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ said this to the servants at a wedding in Cana of Galilee. “Whatever He says to you, [just] do it.” Oh and by the way, this was Jesus’s first miracle that revealed His glory.

It was His first miracle and that miracle revealed His glory. Jesus is coming back for a glorious Church which I believe means a Church operating in the miraculous.

Did you see that? So simple isn’t it? WHATEVER He SAYS To YOU, DO IT! Do it does not mean think about it, talk about it or debate it. It means DO IT!

We complicate Christianity don’t we? Can you imagine those servants debating Jesus’ instructions? Have you ever debated in your mind or with others something you know Jesus said to you? I have!

Faith operates in the now. “Now faith is”! Waiting can diminish our faith. Faith and faithfulness come from the same Greek word.

Here is the simple lesson in that story of the wine at the wedding. Just do it!

Those servants at that wedding did not try to figure out how or when the water would turn into wine. They obeyed! Right then!

Simple obedience releases heaven’s great resources!

“Get it over with”! Stop the torture! Debating can be torture. Being benign is torture! Those who need a miracle are being tortured waiting for someone who not only believes IN God but BELIEVES God.

Just do it!

Go for it!

Get it over with!

What do you have to lose?

“These [miraculous] signs will accompany those who believe [not just IN God but what God says].”

“In My name” is your power of attorney.

“They shall” is the guarantee from the One who issued the power of attorney.

“Lay hands on the sick, etc is the proof you believed what Jesus said.

The lost, the sick, the depressed, the hungry, the hurting, the cyring, and the dying are waiting to see if those of us who say we believe IN God actually believe God.

Just do it!

For HIS Glory!


Dr. Kevin M. Drury

Positioned For Purpose, Promotion and Prosperity

And A Hisstorymaker

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