Go On, And Be Great! or Go On And Be Great!

The writer of the historical book of 2 Samuel gives us a glimpse into a Kingdom principle and mystery. This mystery appears blasphemous on the service. If we will reserve our judgment until after we stop and meditate on the truth we will see a wonderful challenge that is ours for the taking.

“So David went on and became great, and the Lord God of hosts was with him” [5:10 NKJV].

The obvious interpretation of this verse is that God helped David become great because –

  • God is great
  • God made David great
  • God anointed David so he was able to do great things

Upon further investigation we are able to see something that is hidden in plain sight. The word ‘was’ is italicized which means it was not in the original Hebrew text but was added later for clarity. The only problem is sometimes these good intentioned additions bring confusion, not clarity.

Yes, God is great, and yes, God made David great, and yes, God anointed David so he was able to do great things. But until David got to Jebus, conquered it and started the transformation of it God was not great there. God’s manifest presence was not there nor was God’s influence of righteousness there.

You may be thinking, “God is everywhere”. To that I would reply, “Is He is satan’s heart? Is God in hell right now?” You may respond to that one by saying, “God is omnipresent.” And to that I would say, “I’m not so sure you can prove that by Scripture. I’m not aware of one verse that says, “God is omnipresent.”” You may then say, “Psalm 139:8 clearly says God is in heaven and hell.” And to that I would say, “yes God is in heaven because the Scripture tells us in different places He is there but it does not say He is in hell. Psalm 139:7, 8 says, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there.”

In the New Testament we are told that God never leaves, nor forsakes believers [Hebrews 13:5]. David was simply saying that as a man in covenant with God he carries God with him everywhere he goes. This is important on many levels. David was acknowledging that he could not “lose God”.

Now, we need to believe that we, just like David, have a destiny. We also need to believe that God is great, that God is making us great, and that God has anointed us to do great things. You may say, “I don’t know what my destiny is.” To that I would say, “Don’t worry, just go on an become great right where you are.”

David’s greatness started showing up in the lonely fields watching his father’s sheep. You may be doing what you or others consider insignificant things. Go on and become great there. In those fields David learned to lean on God. In those fields David learned to minister to God in worship. In those fields David learned to be courageous and defend his father’s honor [his sheep from predators]. In those fields David learned to dream of greatness. He learned to redeem the time he had. He learned to overcome loneliness and isolation. We can learn a lot of great lessons in the land of insignificance. We can learn to fix our eyes of God not our circumstances.

“You are God’s workmanship, created [born again] in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for you to do” [Ephesians 2:10].

Jesus’ disciples started off doing menial tasks. They ended up changing the world, in their day and into ours. Just like David, their seat of servanthood became their throne of destiny. Find someone and somewhere to serve. Find a place of service and then you will find your place of service. Start where you are and watch God move you into more difficult areas. Promotion in the Kingdom means more responsibility and many times more difficult areas of responsibility.

I gave two titles because each one has its own meaning.

  • Go on, and be great ~ ‘Go on’ means you have a staring point and you keep moving on in spite of obstacles, opposition, delays or detours. ‘And’ is a conjunction connecting ‘go on’ to ‘be great’. The inference is there will be no greatness if we do not ‘go on’. ‘Be great’ means there is a lot more in your future than is in your past. In fact, your past is passed. Learn from it but let it go so you can reach your destiny.
  • Go on and be great ~ Dare to do it! Dare to believe it! Dare to expect it! Come on, just do it!

For HIS Glory!

Dr. Kevin M. Drury

A Hisstorymaker

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