Where Are All The Prophets

Moses cried out in Numbers 11, “I would that all God’s people were prophets and that He would  put His Spirit on them.” In this cry we see the heart of Father God as well as the heart of a Godly father.

Joshua his young assistant was upset because two leaders not at the impartation service received the gift of the Spirit and wanted Moses to put a stop to them functioning in their God-given responsibilities.

You can tell the difference between a child and a father. The child is protective of what they have and father’s want everyone to receive, benefit from, and bless others with what they have.

One of those leaders was Medad. His name means love. The other leader’s name was Eldad and his name means God has loved. Love both gives and receives gifts because faith works through love. Faith is required both in giving and receiving.

God had told Moses that He was going to take the Spirit that He had put on Moses and distribute Him to the other leaders. Moses revealed that He wanted God to go even farther by putting His Spirit on all of His people.

Moses is a type of Jesus Christ. Moses was a deliverer. Moses was a prophet. Moses was an apostolic figure. Moses was a shepherd. Moses was a teacher. Moses was an evangelist.

Moses said that God would raise up a prophet just like him and that the people were to listen to him or be cut off. Jesus came to His own and those that did not, nor do not now, receive Him are cut off. Those that do not receive His message of forgiveness for their sins are cut off completely and forever from the presence of God.

Those that receive Him as Savior get to go to heaven but are cut off from a lot of the Kingdom that Christ came to institute here on earth. In other words salvation is more about the saints getting heaven to earth than it is in getting the saints to heaven.

This is what I mean by that statement. Jesus said to His disciples after His resurrection, “Do not leave Jerusalem until you have received the Promise.” What was the Promise? It was the Person of the Holy Spirit. What is the purpose of this Promise of the Holy Spirit? Keep in mind some of these very same disciples received the Holy Spirit on the evening of resurrection day. Now forty days later He is telling them to stay in Jerusalem until they receive the Promise. This Promise is the baptism in the Holy Spirit that Jesus taught. This baptism is for the purpose of receiving power. This baptism marries the fruit of the Spirit we receive when we are born again with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

This fulfills the clothing requirements [“you shall be clothed with power”] of the priesthood [Exodus 28:31-35; 1 Corinthians 12-14].

Now we know that Jesus appeared to over five hundred people after He was raised from the dead and taught them the things concerning His Kingdom. One of those things most certainly was the importance of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Yet only one hundred twenty showed up for the impartation service.  We do not know what happened to the other three hundred eighty people. We do know the one hundred twenty received the Promise and they were instrumental in turning the world upside down and advancing the Kingdom of God to all of the known world, in less than forty years.

Throughout Church history there have been born again saints that have been cut off from the fullness of Christ’s Kingdom by not being baptized in the Holy Spirit. This baptism is essential in the full measure of our priesthood responsibilities being carried out. God told Moses that if those bells did not ring the priest would die, literally.

In the New Testament Christians do not literally die when they do not have bells to ring but a major portion of their priesthood responsibilities are dead, non-existent and or cut off.

Where are all the prophets? In other words where are all the Spirit filled, Spirit led and Spirit empowered deliverers that are turning our world upside down.

If you missed the last impartation service you can get in on the next one. Do you remember Medad and Eldad? All you have to do is ask your Father for the Holy Spirit. Jesus said everyone who asks will receive [Luke 11:9-13]. The question is when does God become a person’s heavenly Father? The answer is when they become His child [John 1:12]. Until that time God is their Creator but not their Father. So, Jesus taught that God was waiting on His kid’s to ask Him for the Holy Spirit and that everyone that asked would receive.

“Oh that God would put His Spirit on all of His people” can only be fulfilled when all of His kids ask Him to give the Spirit to them.

For HIS Glory!

Dr. Kevin M. Drury
A Hisstorymaker

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