What Not To Wear

One of my favorite TV shows is What Not To Wear on The Learning Channel. I really love that show. I have been known to cry when the light goes on in the head and heart of the woman who is going through the transformation process.

This show, to me, is highly prophetic. I see it as a prophetic illustration of the transformation that the Bride of Christ is going through. Let me be more honest. I see it as the transformation that I am going through.

The people of God are in the midst of a restoration project that is ongoing and uplifting. This process is all about the discovery of who we really are and have always been. I say that because Jesus is the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world [before Genesis 1]. Those of us who have been crucified with Christ were not crucified with Him 2000 years ago. We were crucified with Him before the foundation of the world.

It has been said that God finishes things in order to start them. God saw our finished product before He ever embroidered us in our mother’s womb.

I believe “working out our salvation with fear and trembling” has nothing to do with striving to live free of our old nature. I believe it has everything to do with discovering who we are in Christ [our salvation/Savior].

Once the transformation process is completed [for the show] the people [family, friends and co-workers] stand, clap, cheer, and pick up their jaw. To me, this is a picture of what the world is crying out for. The world wants to see the Bride in all Her glory!

One of the problems with us is that we have a hard time seeing ourselves as God sees us much in the same way that the women on the show have a hard time seeing themselves like Stacy and Clinton see them.

Stacy, Clinton, the in-house hairdressers and makeup artists have a keen eye. This eye reminds me of the eyes of God that keep watch over every aspect of life on earth, including this process of transformation. I believe it is also akin to the eye of our heart [understanding] that Paul prays believers will be given so they [we] can see the way that God sees us.

A major part of this show is the discarding of the women’s old wardrobe. This is a very difficult task for these women. Their entire identity, or perceived identity is in this old wardrobe. Letting go is very hard for them.

We, like these women, have a hard time letting go of our old wardrobe which is our old nature that is in the first Adam. Most of these women, albeit reluctantly, finally let go as Stacy and Clinton throw their old clothes in the trash can. Even with a $5000 debit card these women struggle to find the “right” clothes that reveal their true identity.

Stacy and Clinton agonize as these women struggle to see the real them. Yet they stay true to their task of encouraging them to move forward, trusting them.

We too have a very hard time letting go of our old clothes. The Lord has thrown all of our old nature in the trash heap of his-story. He has clothed us with a brand new wardrobe and He tirelessly works on our perception of our image. We are complete [completely clothed] in Him yet we are being conformed to His image.

It appears to be a paradox doesn’t it? How can we be complete and be in the process of being conformed? It has everything to do with Him finishing things before He begins them.

Are you having issues with your image? When you look at yourself do see Adam or Christ? Are you having difficulty knowing what to wear?

I encourage you to give up and trust the One who sees you finished, complete and confident.

For HIS Glory!

Dr. Kevin M. Drury
A Hisstorymaker

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