When God Speaks

When E. F. Hutton speaks peopled listen. That was a famous line from an advertising campaign years ago. It may still be around today. I have not seen it in a long time.

When God speaks miracles happen. It is also true that when God speaks people listen. But miracles usually happen when God speaks. The reason is congruency. Congruency is agreement and harmony. In geometry it means identical in form and coinciding exactly when superimposed.

The reason miracles happen when God speaks is because He does not divorce His actions from His words. He, and they are congruent.

Another reason miracles happen when God speaks is because He believes what He says and He says what He believes. He also believes that what He says will happen.

In Genesis chapter one we find God speaking and things changing. It is not possible for God to speak and something not to change. The reason is because He speaks out of what He knows, not what He hopes.

We hope something happens but God knows something will happen. The psalmist said “I believed when I said” [Psalm 116:10]. Jesus said [and I paraphrase], “when you speak [good or bad] what you believe it will happen” [Mark 11:23]. Paul the apostle referenced Psalm 116:10 stating we speak what we believe as well [2 corinthians 4:13]. We would be wise to measure our words before uttering them.

Like our Father, our words have creative properties. Therefore, the words we speak create the world in which we live. Our words matter because our words are matter. We can discover our internal condition by observing our external circumstances. We will eventually reveal what we truly believe through what we say.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Jesus said we will be judged by every word we speak. A judge looks at the evidence before rendering a decision. Our words are the evidence that exonerates [liberates] or condemns [enslaves] us.

When God speaks light invades darkness. When God speaks chaos becomes orderly. When God speaks death yields to life. When God speaks we would do well to listen and follow His example.

For HIS Glory!

Dr. Kevin M. Drury
A Hisstorymaker

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