Transformed In The Wilderness

My last blog was on Embracing The Wilderness. It was about an amazing love story involving Hosea/God [Salvation/Love] pursuing a broken individual [Gomer] that wanted and needed unconditional love but could not find it as she ran from relationship to relationship.

In this blog we will see what happens when we embrace the wilderness with the One who loves intensely, unconditionally and eternally. In every desert place there is a sweet spot [oasis] where we are are sustained by the One who has promised to keep us alive in famine [Psalm 33:19]. The Hebrew word for ‘keep them alive’ is chayah / khaw-yaw’ and it means to live, have life, remain alive, sustain life, to live prosperously, be restored to life or health, and to live forever.

Our Lover said, “I have come that you may have life, and [that] life in abundance.” That life is in Him and is not dependent on our outside environment being positive. We are no longer controlled from the outside. We are now led from the inside.

The wilderness is a place of great fruitfulness and growth. This blog is about being transformed in the wilderness. The setting is the Song Of Solomon, or the Song Of All Songs, or the Supreme Song. The SOS is also about a Lover and his bride.

The Song Of Solomon is an amazing love story. Actually it is a story of intense passion. If the Song Of All Songs were written today it would be X-rated, if not worse. It is a graphic depiction of a Holy and passionate love affair between two people in a covenant relationship. It has many sexual symbolisms. There were those that did not want to include this wonderful Book in the Canon of Old Testament Scripture because of its graphic and controversial nature.

Sex was, and is God’s idea. He called it, along with all of His creation ~ “Very good!” Sex is not good when it is engaged in outside of the covenant of marriage. Even in marriage it can be used for destructive purposes. That is why we are commanded “not to defile the marriage bed.”

In SOS chapter eight verse five we see these words. “Who is this, coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her Beloved [Lover]?” This verse has five main topics, or points.

One ~ Who is this
Two ~ Coming up
Three ~ From the wilderness
Four ~ Leaning
Five ~ On her Beloved [Lover]

I want us to look at each of these points so that we can see how embracing the wilderness leads to such a transformation that we are unrecognizable when we come out of the experience.

Who is this ~

The maiden [bride] in this story was someone that was known in her community. She was not a stranger to those who were now observing her coming up from the wilderness. She had a wilderness experience with her Lover and when she emerged from it she was unrecognizable.

The wilderness is about a total transformation. Revelation that does not bring about a transformation is not complete. We should desire to stay in the wilderness until He is done. God brings us into the wilderness. He does not banish us there.

Today we would say to the bride, “Who are you?” “You look like the person we used to know but there is something so different about you. The wilderness has changed you.” They could have been saying to one another, “The Bride has made herself ready.” How did she make herself ready? She cooperated with her Lover in the wilderness process. Now, she is adorned with elegance and glory.

Remember Gomer? Her name meant complete. She was complete but she did not know it. Her wilderness experience brought her to her true identity. The same is true for us. Here in SOS we see the finished product of a person that emerges from the wilderness. The Bride is who she was all along.

The fulness of the Deity dwelt in Christ in bodily form and He now lives in us. We are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. This does not mean we are to be saying, “oh my God, oh my God, please don’t strike me dead.” To work out our salvation means to be in awe of the outworking of the process where the King of glory who lives in us shows up. We are working out who we really are. The process is glorious. Christ is coming back for a glorious Bride.

‘Who is this’ means I want what you have. You don’t get this through a superficial relationship, or an affair. You may receive a temporary thrill from your favorite preacher by elevating him to a higher place than Love but you will have to go through a personal wilderness experience with Pure Love to reach your full potential and destiny. Transformation takes time!

Coming up ~

Love / Salvation always brings people up. Love elevates us to new heights. This verse says, ‘who is this coming up’ not ‘who is this coming out.’ That would have been appropriate. This is much better. Love always lifts up, builds up, and elevates us. Loves always creates a greater sense of the greatness [Greater One] that we carry.

God always calls us up. He only comes down to where we are in order to bring us up to where He is. Religion says, ‘more of You and less of me.’ God already had less of us and He did not like it.

Coming up means to ascend, to arise, to grow and to be exalted. We are princes and princesses. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Christ is seated at the right hand of God. The right hand is the place of authority. We are seated with Christ in places of authority. We are ruling and reigning with Him right now. We are destined for a throne that we are presently seated upon. Saints of God, ‘we are coming up’. In Christ we HAVE BEEN RAISED to walk in the newness of life. We have been exalted and we are learning how to live in that exalted position. We will rule angels one day. Right now we have to ask God to send the angels. The day is coming when they will not work with us. They will work for us.

Time alone with God always elevates us to a higher place with Him. It may take our entire lifetime to figure it out but that does not change the reality. Truth always trumps fact. His word is Truth.

In the Bible we see where God called people up so that He could commune with them. “Come up here” is a regular theme in Scripture. Jesus, Peter, James and John went up to the mount of transfiguration. Transformation happens on a higher plane. If Jesus shows up in our valley it automatically becomes a mountain.

From the Wilderness ~

The place of romance
The place of intimacy
The place of openness [being naked and unashamed] [getting real]

The wrath of God was poured out on Christ on the Cross. He has not appointed us for wrath. Because He poured out [all of] His wrath on Christ there is now no more wrath to be poured out. God does not live in a realm where wrath and punishment exists.

God does not send people to hell. People send themselves there by the choices they make or do not make. The Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness work through agreement. Our choice of agreement determines our eternal destination, as well as the quality of life here on earth.

The wages of sin is death. In Deuteronomy God said, ‘See, today I set before you death and life, blessing and cursing. Choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants.”

The citizens said, “Who are you? Who is this? Who are you coming up, arising, realizing who you are, becoming who you are in Christ.”

Who are you?
Who — are — you?
What has happened to you? You who are coming up out of this wilderness experience.

You who have no fear. You who are no longer worried about being controlled by someone that does not really love you.

The wilderness is about our getting real with the One we do not have to be afraid of. He wants to be totally open with us. And He is inviting us to be totally open with Him.

The wilderness is a place of fruitfulness. It is where we grow fat on the pasture land He leads us into. In the wilderness He leads us beside still waters so that we can find rest for our souls.

The wilderness is a place of reformation. Reformation looks like Love going into the empty places of our lives and filling them with Himself. It looks like Him going into the places of death in our life and breathing new life into them.

Love wants to come into the junk rooms of our lives and bring order. Love wants to clean out what needs to be removed and rearrange the things that are redeemable.

Death, where is your sting?
Death, where is your victory?
Death is nothing more than a pathway into a greater reality.
We are to die daily.
We are to shed all that defies our true identity.
We are to be transformed from glory to glory.

He wants to deal with all the junk that is holding us in bondage so that He can raise us up with resurrection power to our rightful place in the newness of life.

Who is this, coming up, out of the wilderness?

Leaning ~

I hope you can get the picture of what this looks like.

The wilderness experience brings about such dramatic change in our lives that people that know us will say, “You are amazing!”

What does it mean to lean on our Beloved? It means to be ~~

Fully supported. Our Lover wants us to get to the place where we believe that He will support us. The governments of this world are trying their best, using all the media and educational establishment assistance they can get, to convince us that they will support us. They want us to trust them for our sustenance.

This is part of the anti Christ spirit. Resist it! Resist it with everything you have because it is an insidious spirit called the spirit of mammon, the spirit of this world. We have to fight this with everything we have. Because it is a poor substitute for leaning on our Beloved. Also, once they trap us with their “support”, they will move to control us.

Leaning on our Beloved means getting to the place where we feel His approval. As a born again believer in Christ we are [already] accepted in the Beloved. Right now you are accepted just the way you are. But Love loves us so much He will not leave us where we are.

This is huge. We must get this so that we can look Love in the eye. Love wants to guide us with His eye. In the Book of Revelation Love is depicted with eyes full of fire. Religion has told us that He is angry and full of judgment. Those are not eyes of anger or judgment. Those are eyes of the purist passion. Those eyes are Love personified.

Leaning on the Lord, or being supported by the Lord means we can accept His assistance. The “I can do this myself” attitude goes away when we lean on Love.

Grace enables! Grace is not God winking at or overlooking our stupidity, poor choices, mistakes or sins. Grace is God’s ability working in and through us so that we can be who He says we are and we can do what He says we can do. Grace is God living in and through us.

Paul the apostle had a thorn [problem, issue] that was a nuisance to him. He asked God three times to remove it. God’s answer was this, “Paul, My grace is sufficient for you.” We have been erroneously taught that God told Paul to suck — it — up! That is not what God said at all. What God said was this, “Paul, let go and let Me.” “Lean on Me because My ability is much greater than yours and I WILL DEAL WITH IT!

“Lord, do You mean I can let this go?”

Cast all you cares on Love! Why? Because Love cares for you.

Do you see this? He really does care for you! HE — CARES — FOR — YOU! Love wants to take care of you. Yes, YOU!!

You might say that Love wants His wife to be a kept woman.

We don’t understand royalty in this country. But if we lived in England we would have a better understanding of how royals live. They live differently because of the culture that helps shape their thinking.

We are Kings kids. We need to start thinking royally because we are royalty. We ARE a royal priesthood. Love is making us, yes US, YOU and ME, to be[come] kings and priests unto our God. Love is the Lord of lords and the King of kings. He is our Lord and He is our King and we are the lords and kings that He is Lord and King over.

Love wants to care for us. It is about us, not our stuff. Love knows that if He can connect with us at the level that He desires then all of our stuff will be taken care of.

The refrain of Helen H. Lemmel’s 1922 song Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus [Public Domain] ~~~

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace

Leaning on our Beloved means being totally dependent on our Lover. Love offers security, dependability, and trust. Love does not seek control. Love presents the one it is directed toward an opportunity to receive all of the benefits associated with it. Love allows the one loved to give up control.

Love allows the one loved to submit without fear. Fear has to do with punishment. But the one transformed by Love has had their fear cast out. They are perfected by Love.

On our Beloved ~

Our beloved is Perfect Love personified. He is jealous for [protective of] all those that He loves. Our Lover has our best interest in His heart. Our Beloved is secure in Himself and has no need or desire to control us. Our Lover leads us. Our Lover guides us. Our Lover reveals Himself to us so that as we continue to behold Him we become like Him.

Now that is transformation.

For HIS Glory!

Dr. Kevin M. Drury

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