Thoughts on the Middle East situation

The Middle East seems to be in a season of change. One nation’s government [Tunisia] has already been overthrown and there is tension and unrest in others. Egypt seems to be at the boiling point with the masses calling for their President to step down. The Iranian people tried to revolt against their insidious government in the summer of 2009 but were quelled quickly.

There is so much at stake for the world. These nations are being shaken. I have been praying about what is going on and I have some thoughts that I would like to share.

What is happening with these public uprisings in these various Islamic countries may be connected to the public outcry that happened here in the USA in the last two years. Actually, it may be connected to what happened here in the beginning when we decided we were not going to serve a human king.

I believe there was shift in the spirit realm so that what seemed impossible in times past became possible in the hearts and minds of those that did not have the courage to act.

In the last two years concerned citizens of the USA, most of whom never involved themselves in the political arena outside of voting, took to the the streets and voiced their outrage [peaceably] at what was happening to our nation. They publicized their concerns at assemblies, town hall meetings and various other venues. As a result, there was the largest turnover in the Legislative Branch of our Federal Government in approximately six decades. In addition, there were many changes at the state and local level as well as different levels of government became more conservative [Constitutional]. Politicians that were known for being far-left and those that were known for not staying true to their core values [moderates] were tossed out.

Many in the news media, entertainment and political arenas that are attempting to subvert the authority of our Constitution and the very foundation of our great country ~ our Christian heritage, have been attacking the normal citizens that initiated this change by ostracizing, ridiculing, impugning, maligning, denigrating and mocking them.

Most of these same people are now praising the people in these Middle Eastern countries for their courage to demonstrate and call for the overthrow of their own ‘oppressive’ governments. Some of these same people did not support the oppressed Iranian citizenry in their attempt to throw off the shackles of oppression in 2009. It is an interesting time that we are living in.

There is the real danger that these countries will turn more oppressive, radical and anti-Western [i.e. Christian]. But at the same time there is the potential and real possibility that God is setting them up to be swept into His Kingdom. Jesus called on His followers to disciple [whole] nations. We have reduced that mandate to disciple people in the nations. The call to disciple nations seems, on the surface, impossible. Everything God call us to is impossible ~ without Him.

What God did to remedy that was at least three-fold:

1. He put the “desire of all nations” inside each believer. In other words, we each carry the answer to these nation’s problems. It also means that whether the people in these nations are aware of it or not – they desire Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

2. He loves to invade impossibilities through those that believe that “nothing is impossible with God” and that “nothing is impossible to those who believe [that nothing is impossible with God].”

3. He has promised to be with us. God’s main answer to our concern of whether we can accomplish the mission is “I will be with you”. The Bible is replete with scriptures that encourage us to go because He will be with us.

Please pray that God’s Kingdom will advance quickly and that the nations of the earth will become disciples of Jesus. Pray that the spirit of Islam will be overcome by the Spirit of the Living God.


Release God’s Kingdom!!!!!!! It is always better to call for the light. Light dispels darkness. Stay in the light and stay away from darkness.

Some Sword tools to use ~~~~

Isaiah 40:3-8

Isaiah 60:1–

Isaiah 62:2

Habakkuk 2:14

Hebrews 12:27-29

Revelation 11:15

There are so many more than can be used to partner with the Lord as He moves the nations of the earth closer to His heart.

Please keep in mind ~~~~

Psalm 24:1 ~~ “The earth is the Lords and all that is in it; the world and all who live in it.”

Psalm 37:29 ~~ “The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it FOREVER.”

Yes Lord! Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus. Come in us and through us so we can walk in purity and power. Come quickly Lord Jesus and sweep the nations of the earth into Your Kingdom. Lord Jesus, release a reformational revolution that changes foundations and structures that have been anti-Christ in nature.

We declare ~ “Your Kingdom Come! Your will be done! On earth as it IS in heaven!”

For HIS Glory!

Dr. Kevin M. Drury

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